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Project name: Ted X

A 48h project for Tedx’s local event: Uncommon sense

Our mission was to grasp this edition’s theme – Uncommon Senses – and turn it into an app. We created a small fantasy universe where the player’s senses were challenged in such a way that it would leave an after clap. On the one hand, the game reinforced the feeling that technology can confuse our senses and on the other hand, a more poetic one, that would influence the player just like a piece of art.

The journey of the game is set in 5 different stages:

A large and empty space, the starting area, with rays of light entering the room


Outside of it, an island floating in an infinite sky where the player would interact with a small gravity-free toy like city. Once out here, the first stage would disappear. Among the toys, most noticeable, a tower with a cantilever on the top. As one would leave, gravity kicks in and the toys no longer float but fall back to the orange ground.


A small concrete pavilion on the opposite side of the island that hosts a very generous, maze-like space. Much larger than the outside would suggest. Blank boxes and water puddles prevent the player from easily walking getting to the next stage, the only guide being a large pair of eyes constantly pointed at the player.


Next comes another mysterious place: an empty cave like space, filled with butterflies (that Horia made) surrounds a tree lit from the ceiling.


The last stage, is a bridge-like gallery looking over an abyss. Beneath, through the clouds and fog the rooftops of a small city can be noticed. The same city that once was the floating toy city. The player is now in the countiliver of the city’s tower.