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Project name: Summer Well
Client: Livada

In 2017 Summerwell festival launched a new area:
the Night Picnic.

The best place to let people know about the new area and all its features was the teaser party at Casa Universitarilor, a venue in Bucharest. Yet the place was ill equipped to tell all about the lush environment of the festival none the less about the feeling of the Night Picnic area itself.

Thus they invited us to create the VR app to let people actually walk around the site and interact with its features

People could actually walk into the SUMMERWELL fictional universe overhearing to some of the bands invited to the festival playing in the background…

…while being surrounded by the main defining features: fireflies, swans, wild vegetation, camping, van.

The specific nightly mood would be emphasized by the change in the environment the moment you enter the Night Picnic area: the moon would rise and the neon signs get lit. Meanwhile the rest of the site was still soaked in daylight.

Given the great impact the app had at the teaser party Pepsi had decided to invest in enhancing it and using it throughout the festival as their main activation. A Pepsi treasure hunt feature was added, where users could find Pepsi logos and win actual Pepsi sunglasses.

Eventually super-high res images of the app were used on billboards.