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Project name: Heineken VR
Client: Momentum

To celebrate it’s presence in 192 countries, in November 2017 Heineken launched the Bar of the Worlds event in Bucharest.
For a couple of weeks a several store building was used to recreate the ambiance of countries where Heineken is available/sold.

The 3rd floor was dedicated to Iceland and all its characteristic sights: Mount Rikjuwfel, the Icelandic tundra and most important, something that would be impossible to reproduce without VR:



The experience is based on a journey through the Icelandic landscape. Starts in a waiting room thus giving the player time to get used to the app.


When he felt ready he would start the journey at a river, facing a bay, surrounded by abundant vegetation, a cliff covered in moss, small plants, flowers and insects buzzing around.

Crossing the river by jumping from one rock to the other, above the detailed scenery, creates an interesting feeling of reality.

Fireflies surround an abandoned boat in a small meadow on the other side of the river. The player may as well stop and play with the fireflies that, as they get pushed away, make small buzzing noises in the stillness of the place.

Next the path leads through a cave with a small pond. The player may chose to pick up a lantern and lighten the way.

Looking back, down the waterfall, the player can see the entire landcape but, most importantly, the Aurora Borealis should by now be completely formed above them.