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Project name: Aviatiei Residential
Client: Forte Partners

A common issue in real estate is the difficulty developers encounter as they try to convince potential future buyers to invest in a building that doesn’t yet exist. The one practice that specifically stands out among all other is developing a VR app that would recreate the most akin setting. This would allow users to experience the construction just as if it were already built.

The buildings were developed in two stages, however the app showed them developing simultaneously.

Important areas of the buildings were on display such as the main access lobby with its front desk,

mail corner,

reading lounge and access to the main housing units such as a fully furnished unit,

two bedroom,

one living-room,

two bathrooms,

open kitchen,

and terraces.

However the main focus of the presentation was the exterior vegetation –

the gardens.


…with botanical accuracy were set precisely in accordance with the landscape architect’s blueprint !

The final app was also featured in 2017 Romanian Design Week.